Crowdfunding campaign to finance Amazigh movie

Farfira Films is launching a crowdfunding campaign to finance the original soundtrack for the film SOUND OF BERBERI /ⴷⵔⵉⵥ ⴻⵏ ⵟⴰⵎⴻⵣⵕⴰ / Ddiz n T in April.

SOUND OF BERBERIA is a feature film directed by Tarik El Idrissi, author of the documentary “Rif: 58-59, Break the Silence” and “The Journey of Khadija”, and associated with several producers including Abderrahim Harbal and Mohamed Kaghat. This film project recounts the journey of two musicians who travel throughout North Africa in search of the true Amazigh sound, transcending all obstacles and risking their lives. This is the result of an idea that the director has been developing for almost 15 years.

SOUND OF BERBERIA is a reflection around borders, and a dream about to come true. It is a road movie cradled with Amazigh music, revealing its richness in areas shaken by religious and political conflicts, with many objectives objectives: to put Imazighen on the map and invite musicians and artists from all over the world to collaborate.The project is in its final phase: editing and post-production.We are now working on the launch of a crowdfunding campaign: the main objective is to raise 20,000EUR to finance the soundtrack.

SOUND OF BERBERIA received an advance on receipt of funds from the Moroccan Film Centre (CCM), representing two thirds of the total budget. A large part of the remaining one-third was funded by producers,we would like the last part to be participatory and invite the public to be part of the project, by participating financially but also by working with us. This is the first time in Arif that a feature film opts for this method of financing, and we preferred to conduct the campaign on the platform Ullule, based in Europe.

This film project is a project that approaches the totality of Amazigh culture, so the targeted public is all over the world. At the local level, we have set up specific compensatory measures for the organizations and foundations wishing to collaborate with us.

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