EU diplomats warned for Moroccan spies in Brussels

A new memorandum from the European External Action Service (EEAS) issued a serious warning to a number of diplomats in the Belgian capital Brussels, after it became clear that more than 500 spies are active in the European capital, according to German newspaper Die Welt and the pro-government Hespress who took over the news.

According to the data from the EEAS, it is mainly Chinese and Russian spies, but also American and Moroccan spies were mentioned.
The officials have announced that they have been warned about spending time in certain buildings in the EU district, including popular restaurants and cafes in the vicinity of the Berlaymont building where the European Commission sits. These restaurants and cafes would abound with foreign spies who use different ways to gather information.

The members of the Riffian lobby group, active within the European Parliament for the Riffian cause, were warned a while ago by several MEPs that the attachés of the Moroccan embassy were trying to gather information about the group and its activities.

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