Families of Riffian prisoners endangered

Houda Jelloul

The daughter of the Riffian activist Mohamed Jelloul, who has had to serve a prison term of ten years in Oukkacha in Casablanca, has reported this morning that they have been endangered.

Houda Jelloul, along with other relatives, were on their way to participate  in a demonstration in Casablanca, when they were verbally insulted by unknown persons in an SUV. The strangers have tried to have the bus, which transports the relatives of Al Hoceima to Casablanca, to crash, Houda added.

The Riffian said that the ones who gave the order are “known to everyone”, referring to the Moroccan regime and their secret services.

Abdellatif El Ablak, the brother of the Riffian prisoner Rabie El Ablak, confirms that the families of the Riffian prisoners were being chased. The Riffian said that the bus of the families was being chased the moment they left Al Hoceima, the car stopped in Boukidaan. Another car, with the license plate (45 أ), took the chase while the first one disappeared.

The car, an SUV, wanted to stop the bus and told the families that they had questions. But the families did not trust it, especially because it happened in the night and the families felt unsafe. After this, the strangers in the car started to scold the families with vulgar words and threatened them.
The strangers also used high beam to disorient the driver. He was forced to take the exit and seek safety in the city of Taza. In the streets of this city they were able to shake the pursuers and then follow the road to Casablanca.

Abdellatif El Ablak also takes the Moroccan state responsibility for what happened to them.

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