International observers speak with lawyers & families of Riffian activists

Juan Soroeta, international observer and chairman of AIODH, today attended the hearing of the trial in appeal against the activists of the Riffian Popular Movement.

After the session, he talked extensively with the lawyers of the Riffian activists. Juan Soroeta will speak, together with the other observers, to the families of the detained activists in Oukasha.

These discussions will lead to findings that will eventually be included in the report that will be presented shortly.

The visit of these international observers is the result of intensive consultation between the human rights organization Freedom & Human Rights Organization (FHRO) and Juan Soroeta, president of AIODH. After consultation between FHRO and the president of AIODH, it was agreed to send four observers to the session of the Riffian activists in Casablanca.

The group of observers consists of three Spaniards and one Swede, led by Juan Soroeta, president of the organization La Asociación Internacional para la Observación de los Derechos Humanos (AIODH) and professor specializing in international law at the University of San Sebastian.

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