Morocco condemns Riffian woman because of participation in Riff movement

The Moroccan court in the city of Al Hoceima handed a prison sentence of ten months and a fine of 500 dirham to Fatima Chahout last Monday. The Riffian woman is the sister of political prisoner Ahmed Chahout. She was persecuted since July 25, 2018 for participation in a protest for the release of her brother and other Riffian activists.

Fatima Chahout is the first Riffian woman to receive an effective punishment. For the time being she will retain her freedom during the appeals, but if the court of second instance confirms the sentence, she will immediately serve the sentence.

Fatima, however, is not the only Riffian who has been convicted by the Moroccan regime. On July 23, 2018 Bouchra El Yahyaoui, the fiancée of political prisoner Wassim El Boustati, was sentenced to a conditional punishment of 2 months in prison and a fine. Bouchra was persecuted after recording a video in which she asked for the release of her fiancée and the rest of the Riffine activists (see video below the text).

Last Thursday, the court of second instance confirmed the verdict of the court of first instance against the Riffian activist Nawal Ben Aissa. The mother of four children received a conditional punishment of ten months in prison and a fine.