Morocco denies Spanish politician access to Arif

David Peñafuerte Rendón (member of Podemos Andalusia) has been denied entrance to the Rif by the Moroccan police. He and his colleauges wanted to enter Ait Nsar through Mritch (Melilia) but David was stopped.

The Spaniard announced on Social media that the rest of the group was allowed to continue and that they were already en route to the city of Al Hoceima.
David Peñafuerte Rendón wrote on his Facebook account ”apparently I can no longer enter the country (Morocco) from now on ”.

The rest of the delegation was stopped at the Moroccan checkpoint in Ajdir and they were also told that they are not welcome in the province of Al Hoceima. The delegation told ArifNews that they are currently on their way back to customs in Melilla to leave the country.

The delegation consists of members from two Spanish political parties and a Spanish woman who was born in Al Hoceima and now lives in Malaga, Spain. The group did not have a political agenda but wanted to visit the sights in the province of Al Hoceima including: Colojio, Moulay Mohend headquarters, Bades and Sfiha beach.

With this, Morocco seems to want to sharpen Arif’s isolation. The Dutch journalist Gerbert van der Aa was deported last month. Before that, other journalists who wanted to report on the situation in Arif, were expelled from the country, including the Dutch journalist Koen Greven. Politicians are also denied access to Arif, including MEP Kati Piri (PvdA) and member of the Lower House Lilianne Ploumen (PvdA).


Francisca, who wanted to visit her birthplace in Al Hoceima, got no further than the Moroccan checkpoint in Ajdir

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