Morocco endangers Nasser Zafzafi’s life

As the editorial staff reported earlier, the declaration of the Moroccan prison administration about the events in Oukkacha of last Saturday was an invention to cover up the truth of the matter. The Riffian prisoners had the opportunity to call their family members today and they had the chance to confirm their side of the story.

Nasser Zafzafi also called his father delivering rather bad news. During this conversation, he explained to his dad (Ahmed Zafzafi) what had happened in Oukkacha last Saturday. He said that he was not feeling well and had several pain complaints concerning his leg. Also, he experienced the right side of his body as being briefly paralyzed not being able to move or contract any muscle.

Immediately thereupon, Nasser Zafzafi called the guards for urgent medical care. He asked the guards if they could inform the director and if a doctor could be sent with the highest urgency. According to Nasser, it took a while before the guards returned after they had received the medical request from him. When they finally arrived, all they had for him was a bottle of medical alcohol. They advised Nasser Zafzafi to apply the alcohol on his body.

Considering his symptoms this was obviously a non-treatment that made him feel not being taken seriously. Nasser Zafzafi refused to take their advice seriously as he was sure he needed a solemn medical check-up. He received support and solidarity with his situation from the other Riffian political prisoners who took notice of his dire situation. These refused to enter their cells and demanded that a doctor would help Nasser and inspect if proper treatment would be needed as soon as possible.

After some arguing, the request of Nasser Zafzafi was affirmed and he was visited by a doctor. Nasser told the doctor that the ailments were not new as he had lost consciousness in March 2018 and experienced the same complaints that made it imminent for him to be transported to the hospital by wheelchair. The doctor strongly advised the guards to inform the director about the medical condition of Nasser Zafzafi and that he urgently needed to go to the hospital.

Nasser Zafzafi has been mistreated by the director and others and has once again been wronged. It was, for instance, claimed that the director said: “Can’t you choose another day than Saturday to get sick?” He also asked the guards to “get Nasser Zafzafi out his sight”. Another officer shouted that the director has family commitments and that he has no time for Nasser Zafzafi’s situation. The doctor, however, put an end to these series of trivializations and told the prison staff that there was no time to lose. The medical condition of Nasser was in a critical condition and he had to be transported to the hospital urgently.

Nasser Zafzafi was transported to the hospital of Ibn Rushd. He was told that he suffered from Intracranial stenosis or narrowed blood vessels in his brain. Prison management was already aware of this fact since its first notification in March 2018. The doctors told Nasser Zafzafi that his situation had worsened since his first admission to the hospital. They therefore strongly advised that he should be transferred to the Military Hospital in Rabat.

However, the prison administration decided to bring Nasser Zafzafi back to the Oukkacha prison in Casablanca. The father of Nasser Zafzafi wonders why the prison administration concealed such important medical information and makes an appeal to inspect his son’s medical records.

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