Nasser Zafzafi’s message to Riffian activists (English)

I have tried to keep myself aloof from the marginal conflicts that arose after our arrest. But when these conflicts and disagreements threaten to cause disintegration of ranks and even damage the People’s Movement as the activists are dragged in, the same activists whose support we aspired and still hope for it, the support of their kidnapped brothers in saving and liberating the region from the political, economic and social blockade, then I feel obliged as one of the sons of the Rif to express myself and share my opinion about it, hoping to find a listening ear and contribute in establishing a unifed front, especially in this specific period in which the Rif and the country suffer under tragedies and unrest. If we don’t cherish Rif, who else will do it?

It saddens me as much as it breaks my heart, to hear that the most prominent activists have fallen into an internal struggle as they inslut and accuse each other of betrayal without any proof. Or when I hear that the Riffine woman, who has stunned the world with her steadfastness and courage, who has always supported her brothers and husband every step of the way, the one who continues to resist the barbarity of the Makhzen and its rotten policy. that she is nowadays subjected to: slander and accused of betrayal, her honor is besmirched by her own brothers. while noone dares to stand besides her let alone making an end to this abuse. If we are unable to protect the honor of our women. We should not brag about our history, if we do not abid by it, especially when it comes to protecting the honor of our women.

A woman known for her courage as she single-handedly ended tribal and family feuds among warriors and rivals. Let us end these quarrels out of respect and as a tribute to her. Let us look within and judge ourselves before history judges us. The Riffine women are honorable and are a red line, whoever comes at them comes at Rif as a whole and our history, those do not belong to me and I do not belong to them.

And that is why I appeal to You, in the name of the Rif and in the name of all that You hold dear, to seize the commemoration of the heroic martyr Mohsin Fikri on October 28, as an opportunity to renew the oath, by making an end to all disputes and conflicts that cause division and revive the hope of all free Riffines … or are we not the ones known for their spirit of solidarity and collective action?
So let us unify so that we can achieve what we rightfully deserve, while standing firm against everything an everyone trying extinguish our struggle and erase our history. Let me also take this opportunity to pay tribute to all activistes working behind the scenes, and to all the activists who tirelessly continue the struggle to make their weaker brothers triumph.

My love for you is just as great as my love for the Rif and the homeland.

Long live the Rif and damned are the traitors

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