Nasser Zefzafi and Mohamed Haki sew mouths shut in protest

Two of the Riffian activists who have been jailed in the Oukasha prison in Casablanca have sewn their mouths shut and started a hunger strike as a form of protest against the given final sentences for their involvement in the peaceful popular movement and also against the militarization of the Rif.

The Riffian political prisoner Jaouad Sabiri has communicated these last updates to his family by phone. The sister of Jaouad Sabiri has contacted Arif News and confirmed this news.

Zefzafi and Haki have launched their hunger strike this morning and also sewn their mouths shut to send a clear message to the state and the Rif that they are still determined of their activistic conviction.

Khamis Boutakhmant has reported that the atmosphere in Oukasha-prison is tense and that it predicts a disaster.

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