Revenge on random Riffians after protests in Imzouren

After the protests of the Hirak (Riffian people’s movement) in Tamassint on February the second and in Imzouren on February the 3th, the Moroccan regime arrested and tortured dozens of inhabitants of the region, including children.

The number of victims of Moroccan violence and arrests is still unclear, as neutral organizations and journalists are banned from entering the Riffian province, which is declared as amilitary zone since 1958 by a royal decree.

In this context, a Riffian resident of the region called Mourad Ourahou is sentenced to 3 years in prison. Reliable sources and family sources have told Arif News that the Moroccan repression forces, shortly after the protests, invaded the house of Mourad’s family to arrest him. The Riffian was not at home at that moment. After the house search Mourad fled to Tanger last Monday, to go into hiding there, like many other Riffians did.

Last Friday, however, Mourad was arrested by the Moroccan authorities in Tanger. On Saturday he was moved to Al Hoceima where he was interrogated. After that on Sunday he was put in custody and today, within 3 days, the court sentenced him to 3 years in prison.

The strange thing about this is that Mourad Ourahou did not even participate in the protests that took place at the beginning of this month. The Riffian had previously been arrested and convicted for his involvement in the Riffian people’s movement after which he got amnesty from the king after a while.
It is striking that almost all prisoners who got the so-called amnesty have been arrested for no reason in the recent past.

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