Riffian refugee wants to get rid of Moroccan nationality

The Riffian refugee Mohamed Hamdaoui has sent a letter to Mohamed VI to drop his Moroccan nationality. Arif News has received a copy of it:


From The Land of Freedom to the land of slavery
From The Amazigh The Previous Moroccan Citizen
Previously Named: Mohamed Hamdaoui
Previously Holding The Moroccan Passport n: GA 949 20 65
Previously Holding The Moroccan ID n: S 630 631

To Mohamed VI
King of Morocco whom I Don’t Recognize
To Be a Legitimate King


The Subject: Renunciation of Moroccan Citizenship & Renunciation of Pledge & Loyalty

Peace on all earth and all the creatures of the One God.

In connection with the above subject, I am demanding you for the following legitimate rights:

* The abandonment of false sovereignty & religious holiness inspired by the legislation of slavery thus returning sovereignty, dignity and holiness to the people of the land.

* The abandonment of your throne and returning absolute power to the people.

* Dismantling the military, the intelligence agencies and the repressive systems that suppress, enslave and rob the people’s rights.

* Release all political prisoners,  journalists and anyone who is calling for dignity, freedom and justice.

* A fair trial under international independent supervision for anyone who has committed crimes against humanity in that country including the most highest power in the land presented by                the illegitimate king Mohamed VI and without exception.

* Lifting off the siege in all its forms especially through your camouflaged military system of Governors (representatives of the king), Kaidats (representatives of governors), Mokadmia (informants under the Kaidats & governors) Mokhaznia (form of militants used to oppress the people), DGSN (using normal police as riot police, oppressing the people when going on peaceful demonstrations), The Moroccan Royal Gendarmerie (used both as royal police and military force to keep the people in control to the kings will), ALL from the north to the south of Morocco, enough to your slavery! set the people free to live in grace and prosper in love & harmony with each other! Especially in The Rif & The Amazigh People.

Through Working in various departments in the interior ministry of the Regime in Marocco, Nador for almost five years from the date 01/12/2010 to 08/11/2015; I was an eye witness and unfortunately forced against my free will by fearing unfair prosecution by the dictator monarchy by being forced to work in their office which was used and is still being used in the current time to hold the fraud of falsification of constitutional, regional, municipal and other forms of elections. I was an eye witness of the repressive machine that was used and is still being used in the current time in various and strategical ways that touches all aspects of the everyday human life in order to deprive and terrorise the people to prevent them from their natural and legal rights. And of course I was no exception to suffer from the repressive hands while being under psychological and physical torture, which I had experienced as being a part of the Amazigh People; suffering every day since the day of my birth to the date of my escape from the country ruled by The Slaver Regime of The Country Which is called Morocco.

Through what is documented and what is written and through what is unspoken and unwritten and based on the uninterrupted years of Repression, Murder, Kidnapping, Torture and Genocide since the independence of The Country Called Morocco with the hands of the Oppressive Makhzan Under The Supervision of The Royal Patronage, I decided the following:

  1. Renunciation of the birth contract/certificate of the named Mohamed Hamdaoui registered under number 144 in the record of civil status in Nador, Marocco Concluded between Nordine Hamdaoui The Known Biological Father of the previously named Mohamed Hamdaoui AND The Current Moroccan State For The Cause of My Exclusion in The Participation AND The Approval of The Conclusion of This Contract.
  2. Renunciation of The Moroccan Citizenship, In Accordance of Expressing My Natural Right To Choose Not To Belonging to a land where child rapists gets royal pardon while the free people get prosecuted for their ethnic race or political views as it is known by the hard evidence of the living testimonies of the crimes against the people in the Rif and the other parts of the country including the free press in the same country called Morocco.
  3. Abandonment of Islamic Religion and Islamic Law, In Accordance of Expressing My Natural Right To Choose or Abandon of Religion and Creed after becoming liberated from Mental and Physical Pressures.
  4. Declaration of The Renunciation of Pledge To Allegiance & Loyalty To Mohamed VI, Current King of Morocco whom I had never met in person nor Pledged My Allegiance Nor Loyalty To.

Let’s assume you are a sovereignty person & a holly king! Can You Answer The Following Question:

Why didn’t you stand up and go down your heavenly throne brining your military power & judicial power with you (as you do with full power when you come propagate your fake “holiness” to us in the region) to stand side by side with “your” Poor People and Protect them from those that assumingly lies to you and assumingly keeps you in the shadows as you & your followers propagate?

Assumingly The Answer is You Can’t! Because The Snake Never Eats it’s Tale!

I Admit This Words, This Question & More Questions I Can Never Ask While Being Physically Living Under Your Monarchy with Your Presence AND The Presence of Your Repressive Machine on Top Because According To The Forces Ruling The Land I Become Physically Threatened under your rule & power as We Had All Seen Through The Eyes of God That My Brothers & Sisters Are Paying For One Crime & One Crime Only! Not Because They Spoke Badly about you! Instead They Decided To Hold That Fake String Between You & Them To Avoid Your “sovereign” Order To Shed Blood By The Military Power That You Are Holding! AND what they got in return! They got Imprisonment and Torture For Holding To The Fake String! In My Humble Opinion, That Same String You Are using under the name & inspiration of false sovereignty & religious holiness to Control The People & Use Them as Sacrificial Sheep under Your Rule & That is an inescapable truth! They Are Paying The Price Because They Are Holly People! and That Neither You Nor Your System Can Change No Matter How Hard You Try To Fake it Otherwise!

Based on The four decisions stated above, I would like to inform you personally that the Moroccan Regime does not represent Me, nor its legal or constitutional legislations. As it is known I had never been a part of any political party or any other group while I was living under your royal court thus This Decision is Final and Irrevocable, AND This Decision is Personal and has Nothing to Do with any Other Person or Entity.

I Pledge In The Names of The Holly & Pure Souls My Unconditional Loyalty To The Following:

I Never Betray I Never Compromise I Never Sell or Give Up The Cause of Freedom & Dignity Even On The Expense of My Own Life! ( Pledge of Hirak Rif! )

And by The Power of The Free Will of The Words Written Here; it is Been Announced & Informed.

From Here I Send My Peace & Love To All The Creatures Roaming The Earth .


Signed By The Previously Named Mohamed Hamdaoui



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