Support from Oukkacha for the ‘Friends of the Rif’ initiative

Within 48 hours after the official launching of the initiative past Tuesday in the Europarliament, called ‘Friends of the Rif’, the first supportive and welcoming reactions from the Riffian political detainees in the Oukacha Casablanca prison have been declared. El Habib El Hannoudi has expressed his gratitude and support for the initiative. A translation of his reaction to the initiative follows hereunder:

“After the march of 16 February in the Belgian capital Brussels, in the most civilized way with a sentement full of solidarity, two initiatives were launched which are interested in the Rif as region and the issue of the prisoners of the popular movement.

One of these initiatives came from Europe, the other from Morocco.

The European initiative came in the form of a group of MEPs called Friends of the Rif, whose task is to follow the detainees’ file as well as the development of the Rif region.

As one of the prisoners of the popular movement in Oukkacha, the most important thing I want at this stage and what every detainee wants, is release from prison and the development of the Rif region evidently. That is why I support the mission of the group ‘Friends of the Rif’.”

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